IT security in SMEs - Immanuel as a guest at the Forum Mittelstand

At the end of November, our co-founder Immanuel took part in the panel discussion "Forum Mittelstand". This was part of the dialogue event "Koblenz Economic and Scientific Region 2030". At the event, members of business, politics and science discussed how the Koblenz region can position itself for the future. The topic of IT security in SMEs played an important role. It was organized by the Koblenz Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK), the Economic and Scientific Alliance Region Koblenz e. V. and WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management.

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Economy, politics and science together for IT security

In Immanuel's eyes, the constellation of organizers was exactly the right one to advance the region safely. In the "Forum Mittelstand" he made it clear that digitization can only succeed safely and sustainably if these three areas work together.

This round was moderated by Prof. Dr. Christina Gunther, Head of the IHK Chair for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises at WHU. The participants: Immanuel, Maren Hassel cherry (AG for stone industry, Neuwied), Andrew Norman (Mathias Normann Spedition GmbH & Co. KG, Bendorf) and Marina Reufels (Niedax Group, Oberkassel) talked to each other about current challenges and solutions for companies. Among other things, the topic of IT security in SMEs was discussed. In times of increasing hacking incidents, this is becoming more and more important and is particularly important to Immanuel due to his/her job.

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IT security in SMEs - digital resilience as the key

All participants in the panel discussion clearly showed why they were exactly right for this event: With innovative spirit and courage to act, they bring their companies forward in their industries. The open exchange about challenges also plays an important role: Maren Hassel-Kirsche and Andreas Norman reported very openly and grippingly on real cyber attacks on their companies. In doing so, they made the urgency of the demand "digitalization, but safe" impressively clear. Marina Reufels has already had experience with the topic of cyber attacks and relies particularly on user awareness as prevention at Niedax Digital GmbH. Because the Human factor is always the crucial weak point in hacker attacks. We at ProSec often notice this in customer support.

Finally, Immanuel summed up the way for more IT security in the Koblenz region: "Only if we as a society understand digital resilience as one of the keys to a secure and successful future can the age of digitization continue to succeed - for sure." it is absolutely necessary for companies to make IT security a top priority. It is best to seek support from experts such as the pentesters and consultants at ProSec.

IT security in SMEs - Immanuel as a guest at the Forum Mittelstand
The participants of the Forum Mittelstand: Immanuel Bär, Prof. Dr. Christina Günther, Andreas Normann, Maren Kassel-Kirsche and Marina Reufels (from left to right).

Further information on the content and participants of the dialogue event can be found in this WHU article: How is the Koblenz region preparing for the future?

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