IT security consultant - A job with high demand

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Who are IT security consultants?

IT security consultants advise and support companies in protecting themselves against economic spies, viruses and any digital threats. The maxim is the security of the system. At the same time, IT security consultants analyze and check the protective measures of applications and systems that you use to drive further development.

The need for IT security consultants

Every year, cyber attacks cost companies a lot of time and money. In recent years, more than half of companies have been targeted by hacker attacks or incidents. The task of an IT security consultant is to protect the data of the company and its customers.

Especially in times of mobile devices and cloud solutions, the protection of large amounts of data, which should be available at all times, is becoming more complicated.


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Responsibilities of an IT security consultant

To stay in control, an IT security consultant develops a security strategy. This includes technical means or methods to deal with attacks, but also organizational measures to improve the security awareness of the company. These are for example User awareness training.

Other tasks of an IT security consultant

  • Carrying out risk and protection requirement analyses
  • Creation of security concepts
  • Support and conception of detection methods and technologies (SIEM, IDS/IPS, malware protection, vulnerability scanning)
  • Compiling reports and presenting assessments of the various systems
  • Discuss security measures with customers
  • Creative thinking to find the most efficient way to solve challenges depending on client's systems rather than just relying on one way
  • Keep up to date with the latest security systems, techniques, trends and technologies

Required skills and techniques of an IT security consultant

In order to be able to carry out the duties of an IT security consultant to the satisfaction of customers, the following qualifications are required:

Completed studies in computer science, Cybersecurity, information security or IT, or training in IT with professional experience

Further requirements

In order to pursue a career as an IT security consultant, it is advantageous to gain practical skills for solving technical security problems, building on the above requirements through certifications and "learning on the job". These enable an IT security consultant to assess the security situation in companies, to monitor and secure the environments, and to identify, analyze and respond to security incidents.

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Of course, in addition to the hard skills, the following soft skills are also advantageous for an IT security consultant

  • Analytical, organizational and decision-making skills: An IT security consultant must be able to deal with complex issues arising from the assessment and make the right decisions to ensure the customer gets the best solution.
  • Great communication skills and the ability to present technical concepts in a way that the layperson can understand: Presentations must be made in a way that everyone understands, as they will be given both to management and to system administrators or IT technicians who do not have extensive technical knowledge and the results of the assessment and the need to implement the recommended ones need to understand security solutions.
  • Good teamwork and time management skills: As an IT security consultant, you have to work with several people to complete a task. Proper task planning between individuals is required to ensure project delivery.
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Table of Contents

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