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What is a Website Security Check?

Websites and web applications are just as vulnerable to security breaches as physical homes, businesses and government offices.

Therefore, cyber attacks occur every day. For this reason, strict web security measures are required to protect websites and web applications from harm.

This is exactly what Web Security does - it is a system of safeguards and protocols that can protect your website or web application from intrusion or access by unauthorized people. This general area of information security is essential for protecting websites, web applications and web services. All content used on the Internet should be protected by some form of web security.

Statement on the criticality of the website

A website security check enables the user to check the website in the context of information security. Through various tools and/or also through manual website security checks, a statement can be made about the possible criticality of the website.

The goal of the Website Security Check is to be able to make a statement about the three essential basic threats to information security.

The so-called C-I-A principle (Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability) examines the threat for confidentiality, integrity & availability or observes their loss in interaction with further data.

There are a lot of factors that go into web security and protection. Any website or application that is secure is supported by different types of checkpoints and techniques to keep it safe.

Website Security Checks - automated or manual


There are a variety of safety standards that must be followed at all times. These standards are implemented and emphasized by OWASP.

Most experienced web developers at top cybersecurity companies follow OWASP standards and also keep an eye on the Web Hacking Incident Database to see when, how and why different people hack various websites and services.

Here, too, a website security check can be useful.

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Application of current encryption as an essential step

Essential steps to protect web apps from attacks include using up-to-date encryption, setting proper authentication, continuously patching discovered vulnerabilities, and avoiding data theft through secure software development practices.


The automated website security checks mostly serve commercial purposes and basically give a quick check about the website. The following points are usually considered during an automated check:

  • Malware & Phishing
  • Blacklist status
  • SSL certificate
  • SSL protocols
  • SSL security vulnerabilities
  • HTTP Security Header
  • DNS

Perform a Website Security Check...

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In the case of a manual website security check, subject matter experts(penetration testers, IT security experts) are usually responsible for performing the website security check using various techniques. A website security check can also be part of a full penetration test, for example. During the testing, the modules of the OWASP (methodology for testing a website) are taken into consideration and statements about the security of the website are made on the basis of these.

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Why is a Website Security Check useful?

In this day and age, we live on reputation. An essential factor is the website or its appearance. The first impression is immensely important for prospective customers/partners and the like.

This is exactly what criminals know, among others, which is why attacks on websites are among the most common cyber threats. Key entry points for the attackers are usually login screens on the website, website headers and the like. If the attackers have the opportunity to compromise the website using various techniques, you have effectively opened the door for them to enter your company.

To ensure that this scenario does not affect you in reality, suitable protective measures should be taken. In order to implement the right measures, it is important to get a picture of the current situation in advance.

Let us advise you on website security checks and how you can take appropriate protective measures. Get in touch with us today.

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