Whitehat hackers make you strong against cyber attacks: TV report about ProSec

After the Radio station SWR3 and the Sat1 news program 17:30 the State show of Rhineland-Palatinate now insights into the work of the “moral hackers” – called whitehat – at ProSec.

In the article, Tim and co-founder Immanuel talk about our mission, their personal motivation and why companies and authorities should not take hacking incidents for granted.

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Cyber ​​attacks should not be taken for granted

At the beginning of the article, Tim tells of a formative personal experience that makes the urgency of our mission clear: When his wife was suffering from cancer, treatment could not be carried out as planned because the hospital in question had just been hacked. What Tim found most shocking was the naturalness with which the treating doctor accepted this incident.

As a whitehat, Tim then penetrated the hospital WLAN and left a message for the managing director: You can also do IT security properly and actively protect yourself from such hacking attacks. This results in our mission, which Immanuel sums up:

We use attackers' methods and technologies to do something good and save lives.

ProSec co-founder Immanuel Bär
Tim and Immanuel describe the approach of our whitehat hackers visually: We hold our customers' IT systems under water like a bicycle tube and “see where it bubbles”.
You want to make your IT strong against hacker attacks?
Our whitehats find the weak points of your company and
support you to close them!
For the penetration test

Anyone can learn this - whitehats are not magicians

We cannot achieve our vision of a secure digital world alone. Therefore, an important part of our daily work is to pass on our knowledge and to enable companies and authorities to act themselves in the fight against cybercrime.

Because Tim makes it clear: "Anyone can learn that!" Hacking and IT security are not rocket science. With the right partner at its side, every company and administration can set up and secure its own IT accordingly. The simplest things, such as the right one, often help Password Policy: Passwords should be as complex as possible and not one password should be used for all accounts and services.

We get 65% of the passwords in every company - because they are too bad.
Tim Schughart | CEO ProSec

An important step for Tim is the improvement of training in the field of IT security away from the large certificate landscape. We are working on this, for example, through our cooperation with the IHK and our seminars. At the same time, we remove formal hurdles on the way into our industry wherever possible in order to open up opportunities for lateral entrants with the right motivation.

ProSec is a family

Despite the seriousness and urgency of the topic, the article makes it clear that one thing is never neglected at ProSec: a large portion of passion and joy at work. Immanuel and Tim are amused: Their collaboration is "like a marriage" and a real partnership.

I have two partners: one with a ring and one sitting here next to me!

In our ProSec family, everyone has a place who is enthusiastic about IT security, has kept the joy of learning and supports us in passing on this enthusiasm and our knowledge to our customers. Because only when there is real cooperation with our customers does that move us forward in our mission.

In the video about ProSec in the state show Rhineland-Palatinate you can take a look at our everyday work and also get information about the latest hacking incidents in Rhineland-Palatinate:

Article about ProSec in the state show of Rhineland-Palatinate from November 04.11.2022th, XNUMX

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