DFIR - Digital Forensic Incident Response

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How DFIR can help you stay calm when you're targeted by hackers:

Imagine the following situation:

One of your employees has opened an email attachment, inadvertently executing the malicious code it contains. The malware aims to encrypt your all of your systems, delete backups and steal data in order to blackmail you afterwards.

And now...

...to be able to remain completely relaxed in this situation, because you know exactly what to do and that you do not have to expect any major damage.

Here is the good news: with DFIR from ProSec, significant financial loss or reputational damage from cyberattacks are absolutely avoidable.

On the contrary:

If you are known for being able to professionally fend off attacks of this kind, the benefits are two-fold. On one hand, you are an unattractive target for hackers and, on the other hand, rightfully enjoy the trust of your customers and business partners.

It doesn't matter whether you are dealing with the topic of IT security for the first time, are already well positioned in this regard, or are in the midst of dealing with a successful hacking attack: With us, you will find the right support for your current situation, so that cyberattacks will not adversely affect you in the future.

Source: German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)