Incident Response

We guide you safely through the incident response

Standards & Certifications

If there is a fire, call the fire department.
If there is a hacking attack, call us.

Your emergency number for a professional incident response:

+49 (0) 261 450 930 90

Important: If possible, please do not shut down systems prematurely!
This could permanently destroy important information and warn the attackers.

Our mission: Limit damage without blurring tracks

Acute Emergency? We guide you through
all incident response steps.

When you notice anomalies in your network, your intuition may advise you to shut down all systems as a precaution. However, by doing so, you are blurring important tracks and make it more difficult to sustainably process the incident. With our help, you can prevent the attackers from spreading and secure evidence at the same time.

Do you want to prepare for an emergency? We can develop your emergency plan together

Has your company never been attacked by hackers? Then now is exactly the right time to develop a strategy for an emergency. Because the good news is: with the right preparation, no one has to suffer major damage from malware or DDoS attacks.

Want to check if your current emergency plan covers all the steps you need to take?

In this article, we provide key information on intrusion detection, mitigation, documentation and return to normal operation:

Why should you trust us in an emergency?

During an ongoing hacking incident, your business is particularly vulnerable. With an incident response partner for professional support in this situation, trust plays an important role:

Yes, our incident response team consists of IT security consultants and certified penetration testers with many years of experience in this field.

Yes. In the event of an emergency, we will promptly send a Mobile Incident Response Team to you to take over crisis management and coordinate action steps.

Yes. As a matter of principle, we adapt our services individually to the current situation and the available resources of our customers. We work on networks, but with people, and share our knowledge as transparently as possible - such as in the Knowledge Base article linked above.

Yes, we offer all IT security-related services from a single source:

We can answer "yes" to all these questions with a clear conscience.
Trust is good, control is better.
Contact us and convince yourself personally.
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Have you just been hacked or do want to prepare for this eventuality?

Then learn everything you need to know about ProSec's Digital Forensic Incident Response (DFIR) services here.


Well prepared for the emergency
Do you notice acute abnormalities in your network and need quick help from experts? Or do you want to prepare for an emergency and need support in drawing up an emergency plan?
Our specialists will help you quickly and without complications.