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IT Vulnerability Analysis

With our comprehensive IT vulnerability analysis, we check the security of your IT systems before attackers uncover potential gaps and you consequently suffer the damage.

Certified penetration testers scan, document and present any attack points found in your IT infrastructure so that a sustainable security strategy can be ensured. In practice, identifying and classifying risks is not enough.

Rather, this requires sustainable and adequate means to contain the risk and effectively learn lessons from it. Our IT vulnerability analysis in companies therefore specifically targets areas where project managers have concrete room for maneuver and where the security level can be significantly increased.

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Why do I need an IT vulnerability analysis?

Almost every company nowadays works with interfaces to the Internet, no matter if you run a website or a webshop or if you grant VPN access to your employees - there are potential points of attack and vulnerabilities of your systems everywhere.

IT security concerns not only corporations and large companies, but also small and medium-sized businesses. Especially for small and medium-sized companies, we offer a sound solution with our IT vulnerability analysis, which reveals gaps in your IT structure.

Vulnerability Analysis or Pentest?

Basically, both methods test the resilience of your IT infrastructure.

In a vulnerability analysis (figure above), security gaps are identified and documented by automated processes. Subsequently, the results are manually validated ("false positive") by our penetration testers to exclude testing errors. All documented vulnerabilities are compiled and presented to you in a report.

A penetration test (see figure below) is individually adapted to your IT structure and consists of several manually performed measures. The results of various vulnerability analyses of the respective systems are used as the basis for exploiting potential points of attack and penetrating deeper into the IT structure.

The vulnerability analysis is therefore a more superficial method, while the penetration test goes deeper into the IT structure.

Vulnerability Analysis Penetration Test

Our IT vulnerability analysis

Our vulnerability analysis uses automated procedures to identify and document your vulnerabilities - this not only saves time, but also money. These results are presented to you later and can be further used as a basis for further penetration tests (in short "pentests").


Analyze & Test

We analyze and test your systems, processes and interfaces of your IT infrastructure.


Documentation & Measures

We document any weaknesses identified and create a comprehensive report
in order to derive adequate measures.


Presentation & Awareness

In a final presentation, our technicians present theĀ 
vulnerabilities found and sensitize employees in the area of IT security.

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