Our approach …

...when setting up an information security management system (ISMS) in accordance with ISO 27001 certification, it is characterized by a clear focus on the essential, certification-relevant components.

We understand that your time and resources are precious and the motivation for certification is not always just intrinsic. That's why we focus on the indispensable elements that are a
Enable ISO 27001 certification, and at the same time integrate sensible, pragmatic components,
to create real added value.

The following applies: You have to “join in” – it won’t work without you!

Our goal is that your investment is not just a toothless paper tiger, but rather creates real security - in addition to certification. Our experts are not advocates of unnecessary bells and whistles or unnecessary complexity. Rather, we recognize the importance of each element in your ISMS and select only those that fit your specific context.

We offer you a tailor-made ISMS that meets the strict requirements of ISO 27001 certification and is at the same time practical and effective.

Your benefits

Nicht höher springen als notwendig

Our management consultants value the art of restraint and do not let the flame burn higher than is essential for your success. We rely on a pragmatic approach.

Pragmatismus und Fachkompetenz

For us, the implementation of the ISO 27001 certification is technically sound and functional. We specifically select the ISMS components that are crucial for you and integrate them into your company.

Become safe and insurable

By working with us, you not only reduce your risk, but also your cybersecurity policy by up to 10% in the first two years. Use ISO 27001 certification as a strategic shield.

Competitive advantage through cybersecurity

Wir unterstützen Sie dabei, die ISO 27001 Zertifizierung in Ihre Vertriebs- und Marketingstrategie zu integrieren. Den daraus resultierenden Umsatz können Sie in die Verbesserung Ihrer IT-Sicherheit reinvestieren.

These advantages
You can only find it with us

Attacker perspective

Through our expertise in the area of ​​offensive security (hacking), we not only ensure compliance with your ISMS, but also effectively protect you from real threats.

In-depth knowledge of NIS-2

Through our active involvement in shaping the NIS 2 directive, we have in-depth knowledge here. With us, you can optimally prepare your ISMS for the NIS 27001 requirements in addition to the ISO 2 certification.

Mit Experten sprechen ohne nervigen Vertrieb?

Phil Eicke

Entrepreneurial thinker with a can-do mentality and works as a senior management consultant at ProSec.

Manager who acts creatively, quickly and reliably –
with and without personnel responsibility. In his work he focuses on the values ​​of willingness to change, personal responsibility, appreciation, results orientation and trust.

PSM | PSPO | Master of Laws LL.M. | Information Security Officer ISO 27001:2022 | BSI basic protection practitioner

Your path to ISO 27001

Step 1


In a starting workshop, we get an overview of your specific requirements in order to shape your ISMS in a practical way.


Step 2


Together we will design an individual roadmap of all the necessary measures for your certification.


Step 3


We provide you with organizational and technical support in setting up your ISMS and all further steps for your ISO 27001 certification.


Step 4


We accompany you through the entire certification process with your ISO 27001 auditor and support you with any questions you may have.

Our customer success stories

Find out what solutions we use to overcome our customers’ challenges together.

Time pressure &

How do you manage to reliably secure a project under enormous time pressure and an outsourcing rate of over 80% so as not to endanger the parent company?

Industry: Retail
Company size: 1.600+

3 building blocks for
safe innovation

How do you combine innovation and digitalization with security? How do you create operational space for the implementation of IT security projects?

Industry: Business service provider
Company size: 90+

OT security
Raise IT standards

Most manufacturing companies will be familiar with this problem: OT is nowhere near as easy to optimize as IT when it comes to IT security.

Industry: Production
Company size: 1.800+