Our approach …

... the development of an information security management system (ISMS) is strictly based on the central, certification-relevant aspects according to IT-Grundschutz certification. We understand that your time and resources are valuable and that the motivation for certification may also have external reasons. That's why we focus on the essential components that are required for IT-Grundschutz certification and supplement these with pragmatic elements that offer actual added value.

It is crucial that you actively participate - success is not possible without your participation!

We strive to ensure that your investment in the ISMS delivers real security and goes beyond mere certification. Our specialists avoid unnecessary frills and excessive complexity. Instead, we recognize the importance of every part of your ISMS and select only those that ideally fit your specific context.

We provide you with a tailor-made ISMS that not only meets the strict criteria of IT-Grundschutz certification, but is also application-oriented and efficient.

Your benefits

Don't jump higher than necessary

Our management consultants understand the importance of prudence and keep things as simple as necessary to ensure your success. We take a pragmatic approach.

Pragmatism and expertise

Our implementation of the IT-Grundschutz certification is professional and practical. We specifically identify and implement the ISMS components that are crucial for your company.

Become safe and insurable

By working with us, you will not only reduce your risk, but you can also reduce your cybersecurity insurance premiums by up to 10% in the first two years. Use the IT-Grundschutz certification as a strategic protective shield.

Competitive advantage through cybersecurity

We help you integrate IT-Grundschutz certification into your sales and marketing strategies. You can then use the income generated to increase your IT security.

These advantages
You can only find it with us

Attacker perspective

With our expertise in offensive security (hacking), we not only ensure the compliance of your ISMS, but also effectively protect you from actual threats.

In-depth knowledge of NIS-2

Our active participation in the development of the NIS-2 Directive has provided us with extensive knowledge. Together with us, you can prepare your ISMS not only for IT-Grundschutz certification, but also ideally for the requirements of NIS-2.

Phil Eicke. As an entrepreneurial doer with a strong can-do mentality, he works as a senior managing consultant at ProSec.

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Phil Eicke

As an entrepreneurial doer with a strong can-do mentality, he works as a senior managing consultant at ProSec. He is a creative, fast and reliable manager who works effectively both with and without personnel responsibility. In his role, he attaches great importance to willingness to change, personal responsibility, appreciation, results orientation and trust.

His qualifications include PSM, PSPO, a Master of Laws (LL.M.), certification as an Information Security Officer according to ISO 27001:2022 and he is a BSI Grundschutz practitioner.

Your path to IT-Grundschutz

Step 1


In an initial workshop, we determine your specific needs in order to design your ISMS in a targeted and application-oriented manner.


Step 2


Together we will develop a tailor-made roadmap that includes all the necessary steps for your certification.

Step 3


We offer you organizational and technical support in setting up your ISMS as well as in all further steps to obtain your IT-Grundschutz certification.


Step 4


We will be at your side with your auditor throughout the entire certification process and will support you with any questions that may arise.

Our customer success stories

Find out what solutions we use to overcome our customers’ challenges together.

Time pressure &

How do you manage to reliably secure a project under enormous time pressure and an outsourcing rate of over 80% so as not to endanger the parent company?

Industry: Retail
Company size: 1.600+

3 building blocks for
safe innovation

How do you combine innovation and digitalization with security? How do you create operational space for the implementation of IT security projects?

Industry: Business service provider
Company size: 90+

OT security
Raise IT standards

Most manufacturing companies will be familiar with this problem: OT is nowhere near as easy to optimize as IT when it comes to IT security.

Industry: Production
Company size: 1.800+