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IT security for energy suppliers, municipal utilities and cities

Current challenges

How can municipal utilities and energy suppliers ensure IT security? How can cities ensure citizen data is secure? In a world that is increasingly digitalized and networked, the risk of cyber attacks on critical infrastructure and public administrations is also increasing. Energy suppliers, public utilities and cities are at the center of this challenge because they provide essential services that keep our society running.

However, with the increasing digitalization of their systems, from customer and citizen management to the operation of critical network infrastructures, the door is also opening to potential cyber threats. These threats range from unauthorized access to data to targeted attacks on operational and supply security, which in the worst case can lead to a complete failure.


The dependence on central data exchange platforms such as SAP systems, which serve as nerve centers for administration and operations, poses a particular risk. A successful attack on these systems could not only enable access to sensitive customer data, but also affect the control of critical infrastructure . The consequences of such a scenario range from financial losses to loss of customer trust to long-term damage to social infrastructure.

The extent to which IT security affects everyone in their everyday lives was recently shown by the failure of the digital infrastructure of countless municipalities in North Rhine-Westphalia - caused by a cyber attack on a single IT service provider.


The solution: Strategic expansion of IT security for energy suppliers, municipal utilities and cities

Given these risks, it is crucial that energy suppliers, municipal utilities and public administrations act proactively to secure their systems and networks against cyber threats. This requires a comprehensive strategy that includes not only technological solutions, but also an awareness of the ever-changing threat landscape and the ability to respond quickly to incidents.

ProSec is at your side as an experienced partner in the area of ​​IT security to address these challenges. With tailored solutions and a deep understanding of the specific requirements of the energy, public utilities and public sector, we offer the protection you need to keep your critical infrastructure and the data entrusted to you secure.

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NIS2 compliance for energy suppliers and KRITIS

Here you will find out how you can meet NIS3 requirements with us in 2 steps and achieve real cyber security:

Implement NIS2 guidelines sensibly

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IT security only works if it is practiced in everyday life. That's why we provide you with a realistic assessment of your threat situation and feasible, economical solutions. Because security on paper is of no use to anyone in a real attack.

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