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Penetration test strategy:
This is how you bring strategic and operational levels together

What makes a good penetration test strategy? Our experience shows that two things are crucial for effective IT security: it must be planned and evaluated at the strategic level and lived in day-to-day operations at the operational level.

Therefore, a meaningful penetration test strategy always involves the C-level and promotes solution-oriented communication with the operational team.

We support you in this task with workshops tailored to the respective hierarchy levels. These build on the results of the penetration test and address the findings at the appropriate level of abstraction. This empowers you and your IT team to efficiently and sustainably enhance cyber resilience.

Are you responsible for IT security at the C-Level in your company? Then let's have a personal discussion about the goals of your penetration test strategy and our solution offerings!

You are implementing IT security at the operational level in your company and are interested in the technical perspective of our penetration tests? Here are the details!

What goals are you pursuing
with your penetration testing strategy?

transformation processes
accompany you safely
Are you planning to use new technologies? Is your company opening up new locations? Then you want to address the issue of IT security as early as possible and ensure that going live with major changes does not result in any unpleasant surprises.
Realistic overall picture of the
Maintain IT security including supply chain
You are only as secure as the weakest link in the chain. Therefore, with current and future partners in your supply chain, you want to ensure that they meet security standards and do not negatively affect your IT security.
Meet legal requirements and benefit from them in the long term
Requirements like the IT SiG 2.0, NIS 2, BAIT, KonTraG, and others obligate many companies to conduct regular penetration tests. You want to seize this opportunity to genuinely strengthen your cyber resilience, rather than just demonstrating security on paper.

Strategic Penetration Testing:

This is how you can achieve your IT security goals with us


A penetration test only advances your security if it makes you actionable. We ensure this with a solution-oriented action plan and a technical workshop. In the technical workshop, your operational team, together with our experts, works on concrete solutions and action steps based on the findings of the penetration test. Through this pragmatic knowledge transfer, you can immediately start with security hardening.


Use that roadmap workshop, to create a suitable cyber security roadmap for your IT Strategy to work out. Based on your status quo, we identify relevant topics and put them in a sensible order. We then quantify the internal and external requirements required Resources and determine which ones Roles are required for implementation in your company. The roadmap follows ours agile principle, that enables you to achieve quick success and iterative optimizations. This is how you bring the operational and strategic levels in terms of cyber security into line.


The topic of IT security must be heard at the highest level. That's why we're engaging your TOP management with a presentation specifically tailored to this group, so that everyone is aligned. In this management presentation, we avoid technical language and focus on the level of abstraction at which informed decisions can be made. This makes it easier for you to facilitate communication between the specialist department, division management, and top executives, enabling an efficient journey towards your goals.

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