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Standards & Certifications

Penetration Tester Network (IHK)

Activity Information

As a Penetration Tester, you will be required to independently perform penetration testing or penetration testing within a team led by a Senior Penetration Tester.

In this 30-day course, we will teach you everything you need to know. Building on the legal basics and the Script Kiddie know-how from the Junior Penetration Tester, we will focus specifically on OSI Layer 5-7 in this course.

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Content of the Penetration Tester Course

Along with writing and creating exploits, we will deal, in detail, with the security systems on the above layers. In addition, we will deal with the following topics and also perform them together for the most part.

Here is a listing

Tapping fiber optic lines and their monitoring

The different types:

  • ARP
  • ICMP
  • DNS
  • etc.
  • AV Engines
  • IDS & IPS
  • "next Gen" Firewalls
  • Sandboxes (network)

Creating own IPS Signatures for 0 Days

Publish a found vulnerability

Course Structure of the Penetration Tester

In addition to a 30-day lab access, you'll get access to our online training platform. Here you can submit hashes, talk to our instructors and ask questions without getting the "try harder" answer. In addition, there is, of course, the corresponding theory content for all practical parts in the platform, which we are also happy to train optionally in evening classes.

At the end of your course you will have to pass two exams, one theoretical and the other practical - the latter is quite challenging. But let's be honest, if the title of Penetration Tester (Professional Occupational Level) was given away, as with the freeloaders (CEH or similar), then it would be boring.

As of Dec. 2018, the failure rate is 89%, because those who only learn by heart,unfortunately, don't stand a chance.

But not to worry, just apply for a free demo account and see for yourself if you are fit enough to pass the course!

IHK Academy Koblenz

IHK Academy

Together with the IHK Akademie Koblenz,
we have created a three-stage - several months long! - in-service training, at the end of which a practical examination must be passed.

The failure rate here is currently 71 percent, at the Penetration Tester Network, because the certification is not given away. The three courses take a total of 3 months to complete. Nowhere else is there such a long and intensive training to become a penetration tester, and the whole thing is part-time, with senior penetration testers who have many years of training and extreme professional experience.

If it appeals to you

More than just running exploits from Metasploit or running PoC's from others and not on green playgrounds without real security systems appeals to us.

We are also happy to provide demo access to the Hacking Lab (FREE!) so you can see the course quality for yourself beforehand.