Information security
in the big city of Nuremberg
Information security
in the big city of Nuremberg

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Penetration Testing Nuremberg

What is meant by penetration testing in Nuremberg?

With the Internet came cybercrime, which unsettled companies and increased their desire for digital security. All it takes is a small security hole in your system for criminals to access your company's network and internal data. The security of your network and your technical infrastructure are therefore at great risk from such perpetrators. To prevent attacks, a penetration test (pentest for short) can be carried out using penetration testing in Nuremberg to forestall cybercriminals. Any sources of danger can be identified and then closed. Below we will explain to you how to carry out penetration testing in Nuremberg and how to discover and fix security gaps. For more information, please visit our Blog around.

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Penetration Testing Nuremberg

Companies are often forced to pay significant sums of money to protect their publicly accessible IT systems and IT networks from attacks. The business sector is no exception.

With its extensive knowledge of the actions of perpetrators, our penetration testing team in Nuremberg can counteract the risks of cyber attacks. The ways in which criminals can gain access to your data and networks vary. The danger posed by physical access is not sufficiently taken into account. There are two different types of testing that can be used to assess the risk of a data attack. per sec is your service provider when it comes to checking and clarifying your company's IT security.

The first form of audit.

An audit can be used to check the security of a company by working with those responsible to exploit obvious vulnerabilities and point them out directly. Because the pentester in Nuremberg is informed in advance about the company's circumstances, he is able to specifically point out defects. Those responsible are then informed about possible solutions.

The second type using covert and realistic scenarios.

In addition to the audit, there is also the opportunity to check the security of your company against physical attacks by simulating covert but realistic scenarios by our penetration testing team in Nuremberg. Without the knowledge of those responsible, our testers exploit pretexts to gain access to your company and gain access to your networks. Because scenes that you would prefer to banish to the cinema screen are definitely part of reality. Concealing your identity, such as pretending to be an intern or service provider, and using false pretenses such as needing to go to the bathroom make it possible for criminals to gain access to your building. Your internal networks and sensitive information are therefore at risk. Our penetration testing teams in Nuremberg simulate such an intrusion and can therefore uncover any weak points in your security systems.

Penetration Testing Team Nuremberg

The simulation of an insider allows our penetration testing team in Nuremberg to specifically check your company for such sources of risk. By infiltrating a supposed intern or service provider, our employees can test open and poorly secured entrances and doors. However, since these are not the only source of danger, during such a simulation we also make sure to check all devices that can be hacked and exploited by criminals with the appropriate equipment. The perpetrators are also able to gain physical access if easy access to devices such as access chips and chip cards, surveillance cameras, garbage disposal, wireless LAN networks and locking systems such as gates and barriers is possible.


Your company's IT security is important and therefore requires the utmost attention. A comprehensive overall impression is essential for this. For this reason, our penetration testing team in Nuremberg does not limit itself to technical pentests, but also uses methods such as physical pentests. This means that not only the digital but also the mechanical security measures of your building are tested and all potential and current aspects are taken into account.

But it is not only machines that are a target for potential attacks. It is people who are manipulated as the central medium of an attack as soon as criminals, fraudsters or hackers conceal their identity and thus gain access to buildings. Employees also represent possible security gaps. This is an aspect that is often incorrectly ignored in IT security. This is one of our specialist areas, namely that Social Engineering. Our penetration testing staff in Nuremberg knows about this danger. This means that no vulnerability remains undetected.

Of course, simply detecting possible threats to your company's IT infrastructure is not enough. That's why our penetration testing service in Nuremberg also includes conducting a vulnerability analysis. We will show you possible fixes that can counteract previously identified security gaps. Furthermore, the service of our Penetration Testing team in Nuremberg offers a non-binding consultation in which your individual problems can be discussed in a solution-oriented manner.

Penetration test Nuremberg

Why ProSec is your provider for PENETRATION TESTING IN NUREMBERG

Our penetration testing teams in Nuremberg are characterized by high-quality service and also have extensive knowledge in all areas that deal with IT security and pentesting. So you can rest assured that you can place your security in the hands of our qualified specialists at ProSec. All of our employees are OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional) or OSCE (Offensive Security Certified Expert) certified.

The extensive knowledge they bring with them makes them ideally suited to create comprehensive analyzes for you that affect your company's IT security.

A cyber attack can have consequences have on your IT systems,
but also on your finances or your corporate image.

A holistic approach sets us apart at ProSec. It allows us to use our know-how and knowledge beyond the security of systems. Related fields such as the security of locking systems are also included in our investigation. We also know that you never stop learning. For this reason, we continue to educate ourselves so that we can successfully combat even the newest and most dangerous cyber threats. We at ProSec are in the area of ​​defense against Malware the best provider in Nuremberg for IT security and penetration testing.


ProSec is the best IT security service in Germany. We would be happy to support you with penetration testing in Nuremberg. We adapt our penetration tests in Nuremberg precisely to your company and are therefore able to carry out an individual problem analysis for you and offer you the best solution suggestions. An initial conversation with you allows us to define a scope in advance, which helps us to specifically address the needs of your company or your web application. Take today Contact Visit us and get an initial overview of our penetration testing offering in Nuremberg. You can rely on the security of your systems again without hesitation. Our employees are available to advise you and answer any questions you may have about optimizing your IT security.

If you want to further educate yourself in IT security, ProSec offers you IT security training at. So you are prepared for everything and know exactly what to look out for during penetration testing in Nuremberg.

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