Professional Penetration Tester (PPT)
Practice-oriented intensive course (8 days) with certificate
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Standards & Certifications

Are you ready for the next level on the way to
Professional penetration testers?

Im JPT you have gained basic knowledge and practical experience in penetration testing. In the practical test you proved that you really master your craft.

now you want take on complex pentesting projects independently and be able to compete with the best both technically and organizationally?

Then the 8 day Professional Penetration Tester Intensive Course exactly these
Challengethat will get you there!

This is how our Professional Penetration Tester certification course will help you:​

complex Penetration Tests
In the PPT you will learn to also identify hidden attack vectors in the reconnaissance phase. You can adapt available exploits to your needs and assess the effects on the target system. You have mastered various methods of privilege escalation and can use them in a targeted manner.
Red Teaming / OPSEC basics
In the Professional Penetration Tester course you will learn the basics of covert penetration testing and you will be able to use them in the context of Red Teaming/ Operations Security (OPSEC) projects.
Demonstrate at
an advanced level
Prove certificate
After successfully completing the course, you can receive a certificate to demonstrate your advanced theoretical and practical skills to employers and customers. This is how you stand out from the crowd and show your exceptional level of motivation and ability.

You will definitely only find this with us:

From the practice for the practice

Both our hacking lab and the course content are based on the experiences that our penetration testers gather in their daily work. Everything you learn in this course is relevant to practice.

Challenging & intensively supervised

Attention: Our PPT is a real challenge even for experienced professionals. That's why we offer you intensive support from your mentor and the certainty that passing the exam is a real reward for your persistence and competence.

hands on in
realistic hacking lab

Theory-focused certificates like the CEH are justified, but above all you have to be able to apply your knowledge skillfully in everyday work. That's why we work with a complex hacking lab built on our experience with real customer networks.

Team spirit

You won't get very far in the world of ethical hacking as a lone fighter. That's why we promote the exchange among each other and thus enable you to build up a network. The team spirit has an extremely positive effect on the learning success of our participants.

Take the next step on your career path now!

Education Services:
If you meet these 5 requirements
bring, you are in our JPT

Successfully completed JPT/ professional experience as a penetration tester with comparable certificates

Completed training or studies in the field of computer science (not mandatory)

Experience in the field of system administration

Linux knowledge

network understanding

Experience in using Shell/CMD

Are you unsure whether you can start directly with the PPT or whether you should complete the JPT first?
Our Head of Education Services will be happy to advise you!

You want more details & inside information?

Do you want to get a personal impression of our mentors and the course content? Among other things, Chris talks about his own career path from JPT course participant to senior penetration tester and course instructor.

The PPT course content covers all phases of a pentest:

Date and prices

Date & prices

Dates Price Place
15.07.2024 - 23.07.2024 3.995€ Online
21.10.2024 - 29.10.2024 3.995€ Online


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