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Time pressure &

How do you manage to reliably secure a project under enormous time pressure and an outsourcing rate of over 80%?

Industry: Retail
Company size: 1.600+

3 building blocks for
safe innovation

How do you combine innovation and digitalization with security? How do you create operational space for the implementation of IT security projects?

Industry: Business service provider
Company size: 90+

OT security
Raise IT standards

Most manufacturing companies will be familiar with this problem: OT is nowhere near as easy to optimize as IT when it comes to IT security.

Industry: Production
Company size: 1.800+

IT security as a matter for the boss

If an employee's data ends up on the dark web, two things are crucial. First: checking the systems for IoCs. Second: rapid risk minimization.

Industry: Production
Company size: 75+

IT security as a driver of innovation

We show how a company benefits from sensible consulting at all levels – not just when it comes to security. The focus is on finding creative solutions.

Industry: Production
Company size: 400+

International production locations

We advised this customer against pen testing at multiple locations. In this story we show how important thorough advice is right from the start and how we can achieve real security.

Industry: Production
Company size: 450+