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A cyber incident is not a measles infection, because you're not "over it" once it's over.
On the contrary, if it's known that your company has already been the victim of a successful hacking attack, other or the same attackers are likely to try their luck again fairly soon.

Finally, you now know where your vulnerabilities are. That's why it makes sense to answer the above questions with our Threat Intelligence.

Catch up with the perpetrators' knowledge advantage and be one step ahead of them
the next time they attack!

Threat Intelligence: We analyze and evaluate malicious code and infection path.

By doing so, we provide you with answers to these questions:

  • What type of malware from which malware family is it? Is it known or unknown so far?
  • How does the malware work?
  • What was the goal and motivation of the attack?
  • Is it a single perpetrator? Can it be assigned to an attacker group (APT) or ransomware gang?

We see networks through the attacker's glasses


In our day-to-day work, we see exactly which threats are particularly relevant at any given time and fundamentally view networks through the attacker's glasses. 

That's why our threat intelligence experts are just the right people to identify crime tools and perpetrators and advise you accordingly on short- and long-term measures.

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Have you just been hacked or do want to prepare for this eventuality?

Then learn everything you need to know about ProSec's Digital Forensic Incident Response (DFIR) services here.


We look closely
It makes a difference to your future threat posture whether you happen to be the victim of a mass ransomware attack, a lone perpetrator specifically targeting you, or an inside perpetrator.
We analyze and evaluate your incident in detail.