Who we are.

Get to know us from all sides

We know exactly what we want to achieve for your #CyberSecurity and what we have to do to achieve it.
We want to make this transparent in our vision and mission statements.

While the content for the statements was immediately obvious to us, the form presented us with a challenge: On the client side, professionalism is our top priority; internally, our corporate culture thrives on just the right amount of craziness. Suit and tie at the customer meeting vs. hoodie and sneakers in the hacking lab.

How do you bring all that together in one statement? We don't think we can, and so we present our two modus operandi in different statements:


Our goal is to use our knowledge and experience in IT security to protect everyone who is part of our community of values.

For each of our customers, working with us should be a special experience that creates real added value.

We are proud of our community and confirm the trust placed in us through outstanding quality and uncompromising transparency.

We want to spread security across your networks with the efficiency of a computer virus.

We want to infect you with our enthusiasm for sustainable and secure digitization.

We want a community that grows through exchange and fearlessly faces new challenges through mutation.

We want to be known globally for the best hackers, the most innovative ideas and the greatest passion for your IT security.
Our mission is to save and protect lives by making companies' digital infrastructures sustainable and secure.

Our moral compass is the basis for this
all of our decisions.

We can best fulfill our mission if as many people as possible work on it.

That's why we see the person behind the screen and listen. We network and share our knowledge transparently.
We offer the best hackers a safe home and train the IT security elite of tomorrow with them.

We serve all people by sustainably strengthening the network immune system of our customers and treating acute wounds pragmatically and efficiently.

We take a holistic view of IT security and see the people behind the screens.

We work freely and independently.

We make tomorrow's IT security elite by networking and sharing our knowledge.

We are a tight-knit community that gives each other support and motivates us to achieve top performance.

ProSec in 15 years

We travel into the future and make our vision a reality.

The setting

Externally, not much will have changed: we will remain at a central location. Our team will grow in line with the expansion of our areas of responsibility. However, the number of employees always remains within a framework that feels like family. This is just the right scale to achieve our goals while maintaining a sense of community and focus.

More security for everyone

We are doers. That is why we will remain loyal to our customers from the private sector in the future, because here we can easily implement our agile way of working. Direct, personal contact with companies keeps us up to date. In this way, we always know exactly which attackers are using which methods. The direct protection of customer data and systems motivates us in our daily work to always do our best.

Tim Schughart
CEO Prosec GmbH

We will expand our work in the public sector: We advise authorities and governments in Germany and at European level. 

In this way, we not only protect individuals, but also defend our democratic values ​​as a whole against potential attackers. 

The public sector offers the right means to use our skills to develop completely new methods

and use approaches.

The challenges of breaking new ground motivate our experts on a content and personal level.

Everyone should benefit from our work - either directly through working with us or indirectly through our influence on business and politics.

By combining clients in the private and public sectors, both sides win: governments and authorities 

get an overview of the current threat situation from the private sector and use our hands-on experience. 

Businesses in turn benefit from our research and development work in the public sector.

All our customers - national, international, from business and governmental levels - win above all through the high intrinsic

motivation of our employees. For them, IT security is a matter of the heart that they pursue with logic, intellect

and true passion.

ProSec stands for Elite

We are the elite in cyber security: When you think of IT security, you automatically think of ProSec. We achieve this status not through quantity, but through quality.

"The best hackers come to us."

ProSec shapes the entire industry pioneering knowledge: We develop new methods and make niche methods known. We are the first address for young talents and old hands who want to use their skills for a good cause and make a difference. 

Immanuel Bär
Co-Founder Prosec GmbH

Christopher Ludwig
COO Prosec GmbH

ProSec means family

Although an above-average salary is nice, it is not the reason why our employees like to start the new working week on Mondays. In addition to the content-related motivation, it is not least the colleagues who like to let us work. Elbow mentality is absolutely out of place with us.

"Money is not added value."

We see ourselves as a family in which mutual loyalty comes first. We share the same ethical and moral values ​​and work together to protect and live them.

We share our knowledge

We can't achieve our vision of a secure digital world for all on our own. That's why we want to share our knowledge and methods with fellow campaigners, so that together we can achieve even more. Our knowledge base is intended to be used by everyone who deals with the topic of IT security. Our goal here is qualitative reach via an unparalleled collection of expertise.


In addition to providing high-quality technical articles, we network with colleagues from market companions via the shortest possible, pragmatic channels.

We thrive on Pragmatism

ProSec aims to make career paths in IT Security more pragmatic and diverse. This includes the co-design of InfoSec curriculum: We would like to wire pentesting and offensive security more at universities in order to supplement theoretical teaching with practical elements.


For future generations, we want to reduce bureaucratic hurdles on the way into our industry: A degree in computer science is not useful or necessary for all career paths. We would also like to rethink the industry's usual certificate landscape: It always takes pioneers to do something first. This is only possible if we break away from well-trodden paths and look for new solutions.

The ProSec GmbH today

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employed in 2022 #ProSec Ethical Hacker not only in the headquarters in Mendig, but also in Munich and Berlin. In addition to several governments, we mainly serve medium-sized customers and corporations.

What our customers still appreciate is our pragmatic way of fighting cybercrime.

A CISO once said to us "I love that you can comply, but you don't have to, it makes every process pragmatic and quickly implementable"!

We have made this our guiding principle, because let's be honest: Compliance and excessive bureaucracy only slow down the InfoSec topic. We make Infosec understandable and actionable – #ThinkBeforeYouClick.

We employ the world's best penetration testers to make this possible. Accordingly, certifications such as the OSCP or the OSCE are frankly kindergarten here and are already required by our junior penetration testers.

ProSec headquarters in Mendig