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Who we are

As one of the leading information security providers in Germany, we are actively shaping the digital future. We stand for agility, innovative spirit and new paths. Become part of ProSec and discover numerous possibilities with us!

Our culture reflects it in the best possible way:
What we do makes a difference. We value work time and our well-being, we love what we do and we look out for one another. ProSec offers competitive salaries, flexible working hours and a welcoming environment. For the right candidates, this company feels like a second home.

Are you looking for one unique career opportunity and a rewarding job that gives you the option to expand your skills and collaborate with some of the best innovators in the industry? Then you are exactly right with us.

ProSec Values

Acts instead of words

Our commitment to quality requires that we stand by our work and deliver on our promises.

Lifelong learning

Attackers are constantly evolving and getting better and better. That's why we're constantly learning, improving, and getting smarter.

Capture feedback quickly

Great customer feedback exists for one reason: it needs to be improved next time!


Our customers entrust us with their most valuable information. We never compromise their interests to advance our own.


We treat each other with respect, it's part of our business. Our customers and employees know what respect means.

Change problem into challenge

We love increasing security and preventing security breaches because we want to make the world a better place for everyone.


EVENTS A special form of our employee events

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Our job offers

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FURTHER EDUCATION We implement our own qualification measures...further…

EDUCATION Find out which sub-area you enjoy the most and best suits your skills. further…

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ProSec as an employer

As a modern company, we naturally rely on each of our team members. It is all the more important for us that everyone takes on their own area of ​​responsibility and is quickly given responsibility.

Personal and professional development in order to recognize and exploit our own potential is our ultimate goal.

Our current jobs

Penetration tester in IT security consulting (m/f/d)

• full-time
• Mendig, near Koblenz

Penetration tester in IT security consulting (m/f/d)

ProSec GmbH is now looking for a penetration tester (m/f/d).
job profile

Lead Acquisition Specialist (m/f/d)

• Full or part time
• Mendig, near Koblenz

Lead Acquisition Specialist (m/f/d)

ProSec GmbH is now looking for a Lead Acquisition Specialist (m/f/d)
job profile

Employee (m/f/d) in internal sales

• Full or part time
• Mendig, near Koblenz

Employee (m/f/d) in internal sales

ProSec GmbH is now looking for an employee (m/f/d) in internal sales
job profile

Cybersecurity Specialist (m/f/d)

Forensics & Incident Response

• full-time
• Mendig, near Koblenz

Cybersecurity Specialist (m/f/d)

ProSec GmbH is now looking for a Cybersecurity Specialist (m/f/d) - Forensics & Incident Response
job profile

Nothing found?

No job offer in sight that suits you?

Apply proactively now!

Application process


1. Check out our Jobs & Careers page

Find the right job.

2. Fill out the online form

Your profile will be checked by us for the job advertisement found. We also coordinate with the specialist department whether the request for tender is correct. If we have any questions, we will call you. 

3. Invitation to an interview

After you have been shortlisted, we will invite you to the assessment center. You have a conversation with an HR employee together with the respective department. 

4. Completion of the application process

The final decision and the total length of the process may vary. Depending on the lead time, we will send you your documents or arrange an appointment to sign the contract. 

The team is looking forward to getting to know you!



A special form of employee event is the team building event. The entire team is faced with a challenge that they have to solve together.

It's also about having fun, but the strengthening of team spirit, motivation or empathy is also on the agenda.    

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Further Training


We implement our own qualification measures and constantly develop them further. Just like our range of advanced training. 

Due to the increase in economic performance, employees also develop further in terms of career and content. 

In addition, the use of flexible working time models has been successfully established.

Vocational Training


With us you get practical insights in addition to the normal lessons at school.

The training period of 3 years is clear and is usually shortened to 2 years. After successful completion, the chances of permanent employment are good.

Education & Partners


So that your application can be processed as quickly as possible, you should submit your application online using the relevant form below the job description and attach the following documents/information:

  • Meaningful CV
  • job references
  • if necessary, certificates and proof of qualification
  • your salary expectations
  • Your earliest possible entry date
  • Letter of motivation (optional)

The selection process differs depending on the entry position. After your online application, there is usually an initial telephone interview, possibly followed by an assessment day and the final personal interview.

If you have not found a suitable position, you are welcome to send an unsolicited application to

Write to us via what you are studying and which area interests you the most. Furthermore, you tell us how you would like to start with us (working student, Intern …). After your application, there will be an initial telephone interview to get to know you possibly followed by an assessment day and the concluding personal interview.

Table of Contents

Hackers are welcome!

For the right candidates, this company feels like a second home.
Apply proactively now!