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Become an ethical hacker and contribute to shaping the future of IT security as a penetration tester.

Our ultimate goal is to make the digital space safer for everyone. We achieve this goal by transparently sharing our knowledge and experience. Learn here how you can shape your path to becoming a professional ethical hacker with our Education Services.

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How do I become a professional Ethical Hacker?

How can I
my career?
You invest a lot of energy in your further education. This should not only advance you professionally, but also professionally.
I don't want time
You want to move forward as quickly as possible. That's why you want to be sure to invest your time in the right things and not get bogged down with worthless certificates or outdated information?
How can I
gain legally
You have already completed various CTFs and would now like to apply your skills in the "real" digital world without crossing legal borders? Does that mean you want to use attack techniques in a comprehensive network?

Education Services:
This is how you benefit from
our intensive courses


After successfully completing a course, you can officially prove your knowledge with the certificates from ProSec and the IHK. In this way you show that you definitely do not fall into the script kiddies category, but that you have well-founded and profound knowledge in the field of ethical hacking.​


When diving into new subject areas, it can be difficult to keep track of things and to invest your energy in exactly the right questions. That is why the up-to-date content of our courses comes directly from the practice of our penetration testers and is tailored to the everyday work of a penetration tester.


In our courses you have a hacking lab specially designed for this purpose at your disposal. This is designed holistically, so that you can play through different stages and techniques in a hacking attack. At the same time, you can make mistakes here and learn from them without causing any real damage.

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Proven knowledge

Our course content is based on our pentesters' many years of experience with real customer networks.

Personal care by
Senior Penetration Tester

If you get stuck with "Try harder!", our mentors will work with you to solve your blockages.

Steep learning curve

If you don't just want to dust off a certificate, but want a real booster for your skills, you've come to the right place!

Team spirit & network building

Experience has shown that motivating group dynamics quickly develop in our courses. Expand your IT security network across industries!

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Your Mentors
From the practice for the practice

Our courses are led by Senior Penetration Testers who,

in addition to industry-standard certifications,

possess extensive professional experience 

as Pentesters. They regularly lead and evolve our own penetration tests.

They accompany you in your personal learning process,

demonstrating how you can independently progress

with the knowledge and resources at your disposal.

  • Training of trainers (IHK)
  • Bachelor of Business Informatics
    (focus on cyber security)
  • Certified Systems Manager (IHK)
  • Data Protection Officer (IHK)
  • Electronics engineer for devices and systems: Bundeswehr • IT specialist for system integration
  • Sergeant for Computer Network Operations
  • HackTheBox Team Top 3 Global, Solo Top 100 Global
  • information electronics engineer
  • IT Specialist for Cyberattacks (IHK)
  • IT project manager
  •  IT systems engineer
  • Junior Penetration Tester (IHK)
  • Course IT information processing sergeant of the armed forces 
  • Course IT system administrator Feldwebel 
  • MITER Attack Defender
  • Network Administrator Sergeant
  • Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)
  • Offensive Security Wireless Professional (OSWP)
  • Technical IT Security specialist (IHK)

The result
What participants say about our courses...

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