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ProSec approach to NIS 2 policy

The ProSec approach to the NIS 2 Directive:
Bottom-Up for Sustainable Information Security

For many companies, the European NIS 2 directive and its national implementation feel like a difficult upcoming exam in which the modalities have not yet been determined: the tasks are extensive, time is short and failure may result in severe penalties. Given this potential Threat, it's easy to lose sight of what all of this is essentially about: better protection for companies and the public from the very real threat posed by criminal hackers.

Therefore, our Bottom-Up approach initially focuses on what is already established and functioning well in terms of IT security within your company. We use this status quo as a foundation to work together on optimizing your information security. With this foundation, you can quickly and successfully respond to the actual requirements in the German implementation of NIS 2. 

This way, you implement the NIS 2 Directive in your company as it was intended: as a catalyst for greater cyber resilience that will strengthen your organization in the long term.

Arm yourself against real cyberattacks and ensure compliance in 3 steps

Risk management pentesting
Our bottom-up approach starts with your status quo and your current risk management. We base our efforts on an existing current pen test or carry out a pen test ourselves with the appropriate scoping.
Maturity assessment / roadmap
We complement the technical assessment with the organizational perspective. This involves questioning established IT processes and identifying missing procedures and regulations on the path to a holistically improved information security within the company.
Increasing the level of maturity
at NIS2 level
In the step-by-step enhancement of your IT security maturity level, we support you with goal-oriented consulting. Our agile approach is ideal for reacting to possible short-term changes in legislation.

That's why ProSec is the best partner to help you get ready for the NIS 2 Directive.

We stand for IT security that works

IT Security is effective only when it is practiced in everyday operations. That's why we provide you with a realistic assessment of your threat landscape and actionable, cost-effective solutions. Security on paper doesn't benefit anyone during a real attack.

We work 100% independently

We have been operating at 100% without external investors or other obligations to third parties since our inception. Our consulting is based on our expertise, experience, and insider knowledge of the current threat landscape.

Get to know us personally!

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